Isle of Ulva with a Yashicamat

The Isle of Uvla lies off the coast of the Isle of Mull; there’s a passenger ferry runs between them. I found this one of the most fascinating locations I visited on my Mull holiday, but I didn’t get there until the afternoon and would have liked to have more time there.

The building above is apparently the ancestral home of the explorer/missionary David Livingstone. In fact it’s on a waymarked route called “the Livingstone walk” although the connection is a bit tenous. Livingstone’s grandfather was the last family member to live on Ulva and David only visited once. The scenery is great, however.

The basalt columns on the shoreline here are the same material as those on the more famous island of Staffa, which can be visited on a boat trip from Mull. I would have liked to go down to the shoreline to photograph them close-up but I had to hurry to get the last ferry back to Mull and still had two miles to walk. I shall return one day.

All images shot on Ilford HP5+ rated at box speed, in a Yashicamat 124G, and developed in Kodak HC110.

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