Infra-red on a dull day

Recently I set off to do some infra-red photography with Rollei IR400 loaded into a Mamiya RZ67 with 65mm lens (equivalent to 32mm in 35mm/full-frame terms), and an R72 filter.

As I set off the weather was alternating between sunshine and showers. I was concerned that the weather would deteriorate to the point that IR photography wasn’t feasible.

Of course, you can take perfectly good non-IR images with Rollei IR400 without a filter, which is what I did for the first image of the day, which I’ve previously posted.

I managed to squeeze in one image at Thornley Woods whilst there was still a little bit of sun available:

Then I moved to the Hopper Mausoleum at Kiln Pit Hill.

By this point any sun had disappeared and there was a lot of cloud cover so I really didn’t know what the resulting images would like like, but I tried anyway:

I was pleasantly surprised by how much the grasses displayed the “Wood effect” even though the sun was not visible. IR film often gives some nice surprises, although there are usually a few duds on each roll because of the unpredictability.

I shot the next scene both with and without an R72 filter, so we can see the differences with the image slider below:

Left: no filter. Right: R72 filter.
Of course, the shot with the R72 filter has a much longer exposure so there is more movement in the grasses, as well as the lighter tones

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