Single image: British Museum

The Great Hall at the British Museum

Shot in June 2009 with a Canon T70 and Fuji Pro 800Z film. I used a 17mm Tokina lens; most of the time that lens was far too wide for my taste but it came in handy at this location.

The Canon T70 was not very loveable, designed at a time when push buttons and LCD screens were beginning to overtake old-fashioned dials like those used in the Canon AE-1. My copy had a piece of sticky tape holding the LCD display in place; a second copy had a faulty battery compartment cover which didn’t grip the battery in place so the whole camera might die unpredictably. The automatic film wind made a sickly coughing noise. Still, I made a few images I liked with the T70.


  1. I have a T60 which is pretty similar. I took a few acceptable shots with it back in the day but wouldn’t dream of using it today. Honestly I’d consider passing it on to someone that would use it but perhaps thse types of cameras should be lost to history…

  2. Nice image. I can’t say the T70 appeals to me, but the nineties was a period of rapid and sometimes unnecessary change in design ideas. My Contax 167MT also has sliders and buttons, but is made of metal. I love it’s capabilities but not so much the way it works. Still, far less menu choices than my Canon DSLR!

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