Ardnamurchan in colour

I spend a few days in the Ardnamurchan peninsula of Scotland, in the last week of October. It was well timed because there was plenty of autumn colour, but two weeks later the trip would have been impossible because of tighter COVID restrictions. Weather-wise, the timing was not so good, as it rained heavily most of the time, with strong winds.

Ardnamurchan point is the most westerly point on the British mainland, and it’s very remote. You don’t pass through on the way to anywhere; the last 30 miles or so are on very tortuous single-track roads.

Originally I planned to shoot mainly large format, but when I got out the car at Ardnamurchan point, and held tightly on to the door so it didn’t get wrenched off, I realised that using the Intrepid 4×5 was going to be out of the question. Fortunately I’d also packed my Mamiya RZ67 with 50mm, 65mm, 110mm, and 180mm lens, which is much more stable in wind and easier to protect from rain. I only used the 180mm lens once and mostly used the 50mm and 110mm.

For colour work, I used only Kodak Portra 400 and shot three and a half rolls. I also shot a roll of FP4+ and half a roll of HP5+ but I’ll put them in a separate post. So here’s a selection of the colour images, which were home developed in the Cinestill Cs41 two-bath powder kit, scanned on an Epson V700, and inverted with ColorPerfect.


  1. After seeing a broader swath of shots processed using Color Perfect, I can see why you prefer it.

    It’s really a shame that there are not more options when it comes to C-41 color film. I have a deep appreciation for consumer films and wish they were available in 120. Portra 400 would not have been my first choice for landscapes — I much prefer Ektar 100 — but managed to knock it out of the park with these.

    I am looking forward to seeing the contrast difference between FP4 and HP5. I’ve always loved HP5 for its contrast fall off, and I’ve recently been intrigued by FP4.

    Look forward to your next post. Regards Tobias

  2. This is a lovely set, Kevin. I was fortunate enough to make a run through from the Corran Ferry via Strontian and the amazing Castle Tioram 2 years ago, when TP had their week up there. Sadly I’d mis-loaded my film and got no shots at all that day :-(. I’d dearly love to go down to Ardnamurchan proper, having spent a lot of time in the western part of Cornwall.

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