Durham Cathedral – Yashicamat/HP5+

A few shots from Durham Cathedral taken with a Yashicamat 124G and Ilford HP5+ rated at EI1600 and developed in HC110.


  1. I have not used HC110 developer with HP5plus but it seems to have worked quite well.
    The shadow detail is a bit lacking but that could be just jpeg compression. Was there much increase in grain, and what agitation did you use ?
    I’ve pushed HP5 in dilute Perceptol 1+3 & (go away and make a coffee first) times can be a bit long. Split D-23 gave a nice negative that printed well with G3.
    Sorry but it’s like a kid in a chocolate factory now I’m back in UK. No difficulty getting developers anymore.

    • David, I only keep one developer in stock at a time and for the last couple of years that has been HC110. Dilution A was used for this image, to keep the dev time down, but for un-pushed images I would normally use Dil B. Recently I’ve been using semi-stand for 45mins at 1:160. This was a negative scan which I haven’t printed in the darkroom yet. There is more detail available in the shadows but I prefer to leave some shadows looking dark. Most of the HP5 I have shot has been at 1600, so I haven’t got many at box speed to compare with – except in the Holga which is a different look entirely. Usually I’m using the HP5/1600 combo in interiors where the texture of the stone masks the grain. I don’t think tripods are allowed in Durham except on designated photo days so I had to use 1/30th at f/4 and hope for the best.

      • Thanks for the detailed response Kevin, I must try some.
        I am going to get an invite inside a 13th century church near Bristol when next down that way, I can use a mono-pod they tell me 🙏🙂
        Will give stand development a go for 6×6 and normal for 35mm.
        Would like to use my Bronica S2a but I think the shutter noise will get me banned, so like you, will use 124G.

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