Hello Holga

After many years of Holga-phobia I gave in to the lure of a plastic piece of **** and purchased a Holga 120N. For my first trip I loaded it with Ilford HP5+ and shot most of it in churchyards, apart from the first one which is at Seaham Harbour.

Full disclosure 1 – the 120N isn’t actually my first Holga. I used to have the pinhole Holga WPC120 which took pretty sharp images by pinhole standards but the back kept falling off. I threw it way but I should have really kept it and taped the back on.

Full disclosure 2 – For 55 years I believed that I didn’t like beetroot but never tried it. Eventually I tried it, and found it doesn’t actually taste of much, but it’s not revolting. I’m sure there’s a film photography analogy there somewhere.


  1. I really like that second shot Kevin.

    I’ve really enjoyed using my Holga, and the results it gives, since I bought it a few months back. I find shooting it is a very relaxed experience due to the relatively limited control it allows, freeing me to concentrate on finding subjects to point it at.

  2. Great series of images, I absolutely love my Holga, it’s probably my favourite film camera at the moment.

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