A day in Swaledale

A few months ago I blogged about Swaledale here and here. I returned a few weeks later, in September 2019, and shot about 1.5 rolls of 35mm Acros (the old version). Some of those images have popped up on Flickr and Twitter, but I’ve only just finished the second roll of Acros so I’m returning to that day to show some of the images. I also took some Portra shots but that roll seems to have disappeared – maybe it will be found in 2020 and get developed.

I parked at Keld and followed a popular walk by the River Swale to Muker, then Thwaite and back to Keld via Angram. I carried an OlympusOM2n with Fuji Acros, and an Olympus OM10 with the now-missing Portra. Lenses were shared between the two bodies – a 50mm Olympus, and 28mm and 135mm Tamron Adaptall lenses.

As you will see from some of the images, it did rain for most of the day, but it was still possible to get (I think) some decent images.

The film was developed in Kodak HC110 developer and toned in Lightroom.


  1. Strange to see chairs in the middle of what appears a rather barren landscape – obviously something was going on! I like the combination of barren, landscape, old and derelict buildings obviously abandoned, along with the old with lace curtains. Nice series.

    • The chairs were for a village agricultural show – the organisers were getting set up for the show taking place the next day. I got some strange looks as I photographed the empty chairs !

  2. Abandoned buildings and barren landscapes are always a winning recipe for me!

    My favourites here are the first one with the winding path, and the second chair image. I also often take pictures of empty chairs!

    Interesting to see a range of aspect ratios here as I looked through the images. Do you just crop to what you think looks best afterwards, or imagine the final crop as you photograph? I’m assuming these were all 3:2, ie 36x24mm film initially? Some have ended up square (or almost square) and others fairly “widescreen” like the branch over the rushing river.

    • Thanks for your comments, Dan. I crop each image to what I think is best for that image, sometimes this is done to remove an unwanted element at the edge. I’m not too keen on the 3:2 format, as i often find it too wide – but ironically I quite like the 2:1 format ….

      • Do you have the crop in mind when you make the image? Or experiment only once you get it developed? I’m always curious about other photographers’ approaches to aspect ratio and crops, as I always try to compose to fill the format and aspect ratio I’m using (usually 4:3, sometimes 3:2, sometimes 1:1), and hardly ever crop.

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