Cambridge with a twin lens

We had an overnight family trip to Cambridge, my first time in that city. I took a Yashicamat 124G twin lens reflex with three rolls of Ilford HP5+, of which I shot about one and a half rolls.

As I hoped to shoot inside some of the ancient buildings, and I didn’t expect to be allowed to use a tripod, I rated the HP5 at EI1600, a two-stop push from box speed.

My favourite shots of the trip were taken inside the Chapel of Kings College. A chapel is normally a small building but this chapel, having been built for use by Kings between 1464 and 1515, is the size of a cathedral and has the largest fan-vaulted ceiling in the world.

If I remember correctly, the shots were taken at 1/60s with apertures of f4 or f5.6.

I have sometimes shot the Yashicamat at 1/30s or even 1/15s but I wanted to minimise the risk of camera shake.

One comment

  1. Really nice shots Kevin. The vaulted ceiling shots are great, but I think I prefer the organ and candelabra photos more. I think it’s the sense of depth that the shallowishfield of focus gives.

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