Reworking some Portra 160 images

I’ve been stuck inside for a few days due a combination of wet weather and having work done on the house. There are a few 4×5 sheets from Snowdonia still waiting to be developed, but plaster dust around the house isn’t really conducive to getting clean negatives. So to fill up the time I’ve been tidying up my Lightroom archive and decided to convert some images which I took in 2014 on the Isle of Skye using Portra 160 to monochrome, as I’d never been too happy with the colours.

These images were all taken on a Mamiya RZ67 so the native format was 6×7 but I decided to try a 6×12 crop on some images.


  1. I often find that my boring color photos are sometimes quite nice in black and white, which always is a pleasant surprise! These worked out quite well.

  2. I find the b&w images really nice. The wider crop adds further to some of the images.
    As I do color and b&w on most of my images, I find that having the possibility to create both version today is giving you a different view onto your images with different mood and a focus on contrast

  3. Black and white seems to add further drama to the already impressive scenery here. Good work! In my later days of shooting film I always used cheap colour film (AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 from Poundland) and desaturated to b/w afterwards.

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