The Snowdonia Files, Part 2

More images from my recent trip to North Wales. These are from the first day when I stopped mid-afternoon on my way to Snowdonia, at Llandulas on the North Wales coast. So, it’s not really Snowdonia as it’s not in the National Park but I’ve started with that title so I’m sticking with it.

I used the Reality So Suble 6x6F pinhole camera, with Ilford Pan F+ film. I thought I may have spoiled the images because the exposures were just a few seconds and there was a risk that the image included my hand as I fumbled to move the shutter. I’d forgotten to bring a neutral density filter, which would have helped by increasing the shutter time.

To compensate I took quite a few images and ended up with some near-duplicates, none of which actually showed my fingers. I also forgot a couple of times whether I had wound the film on, so played safe and wound on again, resulting in some blank frames. Still, the film cost is only a tiny percentage of the cost of a week away.

The last shot, below, was taken a week later on the way back home. The rain was pretty constant by now and I had hoped to get some shots at Llyn Ogwen (no luck, pouring rain) and Betwys-y-Coed (managed to get two colour pinholes) and finally passed Llandulas in a very short spell with no rain.

I used the Intrepid 4×5 camera with a pinhole lens board this time. Although it takes a little longer to set up than the RealitySoSubtle camera, it offers something different in the form of a longer projection distance (which some call focal length, but that term is not really appropriate to pinholes) compared to the very wide views of the Reality or Ondu cameras. I set the distance to 150mm for this image. The film was Ilford FP4+, which I pulled to EI50 to allow a longer exposure.

All of the images were developed in HC110 Dilution B.


  1. I agree. Picture 3 is the most striking of these nice pictures. The shortish exposures have preserved nice detail in the clouds. Thanks for sharing.

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