Ektar in Rome

A quick companion piece to my last post, Portra in Rome, with a few shots taken in the Roman Forum. No, I don’t mean the section in the shopping mall with a few fake pillars; I mean the “teeming heart of Ancient Rome”, to quote Wikipedia.

Detail of a pillar

All images were shot on 35mm Ektar in an Olympus OM10 with 50mm lens and developed at home.

I found the Ektar to be over-vibrant in this excessively sunny environment and most of these shots have been desaturated a little in Lightroom. There were a few shots I haven’t shown where Ektar didn’t cope as well as Portra with the high contrast in alleyways. It didn’t help that I loaded the film by accident, thinking it was Portra, and exposing it at EI160 instead of 100.

I guess I’m more of a Portra fan than an Ektar fan.

One comment

  1. I like both series. Of course, each has its place. I think Portra is more suited to bright sunny places and Ektar for environements where the colors of nature predominate. Being in California, both work quite well, but for photography while out hiking, Ektar is generally go-to film, while Portra I like for the beach and street.

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