The latest bargain – or not !

I picked up this bulk roll of 35mm film for £3 at Tynemouth Market at the weekend. I’d never heard of Scopix RP1 before but decided to risk the modest selling price. I didn’t even know if it was B&W or colour.

It turns out it is black and white, specifically X-Ray film. I’ve always assumed that X-Ray film was in sheets big enough to hang on a light box to allow inspection – say 8*10 or bigger. So I’m not really sure how it was intended to be used in 35mm, unless it was projected for teaching purposes.

I’m not too worried about the 1979 expiry date, at least for B&W film – I saw some FP4 that expired in 1982 on a web forum recently and it looked great.

The box states the original capacity was 90 metres, which would be enough for about 50 36-exposure rolls. It does have a seal around it, but I can’t tell if it has ever been opened and re-sealed.

There’s a number of possibilities:

a) The film is in good condition and I get 50 rolls of film for 6 pence a roll

b) The film has been fogged and I don’t get anything

c) The film is sort of useable, but looks awful when developed.

I’ll shoot a short roll next weekend and try semi-stand developing in HC110.

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