Single image: protecting/tangled

OK, so lets make one thing clear: I don’t expect you to like this picture. It’s like a baby so ugly that only it’s mother could love it. I’m it’s mother and even I’m not sure if I like it. Click to see it larger, if you really want to.

I took the picture at Bolam Lake in Northumberland, on the same day as I took Cross-cut Tree. Whereas Cross Cut Tree was 4×5 FP4+, this was taken on 35mm Lomography Lady Grey 400 in an Olympus OM10 and using a Tamron Adaptall SP 90mm lens.

Lomography Lady Grey is repackaged Fomapan 400. I bought it in Boots for the princely sum of £2 for 3 rolls or 66p per 36-exposure roll; that was a clearance reduction, not the usual price.

However, in general the results were much too grainy for my looking, although it’s less obvious in this image because sky usually shows the grain most, and there’s no sky. I’ll probably use the remaining rolls when I need to test out a newly-acquired old camera.

Anyway, back to the image. What attracted me was the association of the roots on the outer edge of the up-ended tree trunk with a protective, or cradling, gesture. Unfortunately, there’s too many random elements around the edge of the image. But it will inspire me to look for something similar, without the distracting detail at the edges, maybe to shoot on large format.

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