The new name – FilmPhotography.Blog

Here we have the second post of the day – very unusual for me. Sometimes two posts a quarter is all I manage.

My previous post mentioned that, having upgraded from a free WordPress plan, I had been able to remove pesky adverts.

Another feature you get with a personal plan is the ability to customise the domain name. You may recall that the original domain name was; I had intended to simplify this slightly to, but it turned out that is already registered by someone else (although they don’t seem to be using it).

I could get, without an additional charge. So I registered that one but also noted that for an additional fee I could register a .blog domain – which seems kind of appropriate.

I was really surprised to find that was available, and since it seems to be handy and straightforward name for a blog about film photography, I claimed the name after thinking about if for at least a couple of minutes.

It seems strange to me that an arcane name like is already registered – even though it’s presumably only of interest to photographers called Kevin – whilst something of broader appeal (at least to film photographers of any name) hadn’t been snapped up.

So now this blog is officially called FilmPhotography.Blog.

But as a sentimental aside, the header notes that it is the blog previously known as kevinthephotographer.

Existing readers need have no fear, as a bookmark or typed address of will redirect you to

Canon T90 and Fuji Velvia 50
Seaton Sluice at sunrise in 2009

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