Now ad-free !

I’ve made a little change to this blog, which I’ll hope you’ll approve of. There are now no adverts on this site; I’ve upgraded from a free site to a “personal plan” which makes the adverts go away.

I’m not totally opposed to all adverts, but the type you get so often on web sites now are particularly annoying – for example the ones that scream out “People in [insert your town] are going mad for this [insert gadget name] here. Or “experts don’t want you to know about this amazing [PPI refund / life insurance scheme / weight loss pill / elixir of eternal life]. “

So, I figured it was worth spending a modest amount of my own money to make the snake-oil salesmen disappear from my little corner of the web.

Now for a totally unrelated image, because it’s my blog and I can do that …

Plessey Woods in Northumberland; shot in 2009 on a Canon T90 and Fuji Superia, converted to mono in Lightroom.


  1. So happy to see the ads gone! Some of the ads popping up on WordPress sites are very annoying and the ones that immediately launch some sort of video are even more so. I don’t mind relevant ads on blogs I read, but the ones that border on click bait drive me nuts!

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