The Alnmouth Ferry Boat museum

I had visited the estuary at Alnmouth, in Northumberland, many times over the years, without noticing that that the little hut was a museum, nor seeing it open. However, just after Christmas I dropped the family off at the amazing Barter Books in Alnwick and popped down to Alnmouth with a view to finishing off a roll of Agfa Precisa CT100 that had been on frame 30 of an Olympus OM10 for a few months, and found the hut open.

The hut measures 9 feet by 7 feet so it must be amongst the smallest museums in the world. The contents relate to the history of a ferry across the River Aln which operated until the 1960s. I didn’t have my reading spectacles with me so I’ll have to visit another time (it’s free) to study the contents in more detail.

Once I’d snapped the hut I too a couple of shots of the nearby boats:

Soon the film was finished and ready to develop, which I did at home using the Tetenal E6 kit.

The last image is a digital pano from a few years ago, just to show what you would see from the other side of the River Aln if you took the ferry across:

A view of the River Aln estuary, and the village of Alnmouth, from Church Hill

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