Back to the Engine Shed

I shared an image from Tanfield Railway recently taken with the Intrepid 4×5 camera and returned again a few weeks later to get some more practice in, this time with Fomapan 100 film. I also had the new fresnel lens fitted to see how that fared in combination with the low light in the engine shed. As it happens I only took one image with the 90mm lens which was grossly overexposed; I probably forgot to stop the lens down to it’s taking aperture.

However out of four exposures I got three that I was happy with so I reckon that’s not a bad outcome.

2017-9-24, Intrepid 4x5, Foma 100, Tanfield, HC110 Dil b 20c 6m 30s, 001
I think the Fomapan 100 handled the dynamic range here pretty well. The 60second image produced a nice ghostly image of the volunteer

Blacksmith's tools

Ferns and door

Finally here’s a carry-over from the previous trip; the image below is on Kodak T-Max 100

The cobweb corner

All images were developed in Kodak HC110 developer, Dilution B.


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