People shots with Agfa Precisa CT100

Ever wondered what people look like when shot on Agfa Precisa CT100 slide film on a hot and very sunny day after they’ve been stuck in a crowd for a while ?

Well, quite red is the answer, in a vintage sort of way.

These shots are from the 134th annual Durham Miners Gala.

I took with me the little Olympus 35RC loaded with Agfa Precisa CT100 slide film, AKA Fuji Provia 100. For most shots I had to wave the camera in the air and guess the composition, as there were about 200,000 people there – but here I’ve omitted the worst views of the back of somebody’s head.

Lenin pauses outside the Edinburgh Woollen Mill, whilst the band checks the music for the next tune

One comment

  1. I’ve used CT-100 over the last couple of years, mostly for nostalgic reasons, and I find that a properly exposed slide, on slow film like the CT-100, is still capable of giving a better image than any of the digital cameras I own. Of course in real world situations where the light is low or in fast action digital is much better, but I often wonder how good film would be today if it had continued to be developed.

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