Ondu again – 6*12 pinholes


My second film through the Ondu multi-format pinhole was Acros again, but with the film back set to 6*12cm format.

The location was Rookhopedale in County Durham, which is a side dale off Weardale, much travelled by cyclists on the Coast to Coast route, and featuring some industrial relics such as Grove Rake flourspar mine

2016-6-27 Rookhope, Ondu, Across, Firstcall BW dev, 0012016-6-27 Rookhope, Ondu, Across, Firstcall BW dev, 0022016-6-27 Rookhope, Ondu, Across, Firstcall BW dev, 003Grove Rake mine pinhole 8-2


Grove Rake mine pinhole 6


I still haven’t quite got used to how wide an image the camera produces in the 6*12 setting, so I had some fairly empty space at the side of some of these images, so there has been some cropping. A fair bit of processing was done in Lightroom; whereas I wouldn’t normally use more than 20 points of Clarity, these images had almost the max amount on the Clarity slider, and of course toning was added in Lightroom.

I’ve now got some Ektar loaded in the Ondu for the next batch, in 6*6 format, and a few days off work, so should have some colour pinholes soon.




  1. Just found your blog via a link from FIrstCall – really useful information on here. Interested to read what you have to say about the Ondu MP, by coincidence I have also tried Acros first and am now trying Ektar, and with the Acros I also found that whacking up the clarity slider made a big difference. I’m going to try devving the Ektar at home (hence finding my here in the first place.

    Hoping to try some SFX200 next but I have yet to figure out a good way to get an IR filter over the hole efficiently when opening the shutter

    Quick OT question, is there any reason why you went Fuji C41 vs Tetenal?

    Many thanks

    • Thanks for your comments Graeme; my reason for changing to Fuji C41 chemicals was that it was reported that they had longer shelf life than Tetenal or Digibase, which helps get the best value out of the kit if you’re developing modest amounts.

  2. Thanks for getting back to me on this, the longer shelf life is a really important factor for me so thats very good to know, I’ve learnt the hard way what happens when developer expires…nothing 😦

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