Ektar at Tarn Hows

Last week we took a family trip to Tarn Hows, a delightful small lake a few miles from Coniston in the English Lake District.

As it was a family walk rather than a photo expedition, I left the Mamiya RZ67 at home and took the Fujifilm GA645Zi combined with my lightest tripod, which is OK as long as it’s not windy. I knew I would need the tripod as I would be shooting Kodak Ektar, ISO100, possibly in low light levels in the woods.

I’ve been shooting mostly Portra recently but Ektar is also a fine film and works well with Autumn tones.

Tarn Hows

In the right conditions Tarn Hows some fine views of the Langdale Pikes and the Coniston Fells, but as it was hazy and there were quite a lot of people about I concentrated on smaller details and tried to exclude the sky.

Tarn Hows #1 Tarn Hows Tarn Hows Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows

The film was processed at home using the Fuji Hunt X-Press C41 kit.




  1. Kevin, those are really nice shots. Ektar seems to be the right choice for bright colors under drab skies. The colors have a richness I think might have been missing with Portra. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. I haven’t thought of using Ektar as its been so dull but it is perfect for Autumn you’re right. I’ve been struggling to scan Ektar film with my new scanner which has put me off using it a little but I think you’ve inspired me to try some if its sunny at the weekend 🙂

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