A spring wander around Howick

I have blogged before about Howick Hall Gardens, including images taken in May, July, and November. My most recent visit was in March. I wasn’t sure how much colour there would be in the garden; it was a little late for the snowdrops and some of the daffodils hadn’t come out yet. But I was keen to get out for a walk and some photography, so set out with my Mamiya RZ67, 50mm and 110mm lenses, and some Kodak Portra 400 film.

On arrival I found that I had left my tripod at home – duh !

I did have a monopod in the car, and combined with the Portra 400 that gave some flexibility, although I wouldn’t be able to shoot in the darker sections of the woods.

RZ67, Portra 400 , Howick, 16

RZ67, Portra 400, Howick, 1

Chinese red birch


RZ67, Portra 400 , Howick, 12

RZ67, Portra 400 , Howick, 11

I took a route which was new to me, which follows on from the arboretum towards the coast. As I approached the coast, at high tide, the waves were roaring and surging, marking a sudden change in the environment.

RZ67, Portra 400, Howick, 10

The trees adjacent to the beach seemed quite unusual to me.

RZ67, Portra 400, Howick, 7

The prize was this view of Rumbling Kern, the rock formations near to Earl Grey’s bathing house. This particular spot gave a good angle and I plan to return to try for “better” lighting.

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